Working with Cacao, 100% pure un-processed Chocolate, is part of what makes this adventure so much fun…

Sacred Chocolate + Uniquely Delicious Homemade Syrups = A Warm Cup of Absolute Bliss!

The Chocolate

Our Cacao is truly special, sourced from Keith, the Cacao Shaman in Guatemala. He lovingly produces the high-grade pure Cacao in the Ancient Mayan Tradition. Keith’s Cacao operation supports the local Mayan community near Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, keeping traditions alive and thriving.

The Dark Night

Now, almost every month, on the Friday closest to the NEW MOON we have the pleasure of posting up in Anchor and Den at the Marriott’s Dark Night Event. This event revolves around planting seeds of intention at this potent time of the month… when the moon is dark, the subconscious is fertile ground for establishing our goals and finding direction.

Sacred Chocolate is the perfect bittersweet drink to have in hand for moments like these… It’s  heart-opening, brain-activating, and awakens all those feel-good, cycle-balancing hormones and molecules to facilitate honest connection and enhance intuition.

Mmm, medicine never tasted so good!

Taste Real Chocolate

We serve the rich 100% Cacao Elixir, blended to taste with any combination of our scrumptious sweeteners, ground chili pepper, peppermint extract, or straight up. On a given night, you may find raw honey, maple syrup, homemade orange curd, mulled-wine syrup, or vegan coconut salted-caramel… There are endless possibilities, and they do not disappoint. The question is, How do you like your chocolate?

For some, nothing beats naked Cacao. The flavor is exquisitely deep and complex, smooth and bitter, and of all the different ceremonial, high-grade, organic and otherwise beautiful Cacaos we have experienced, Keith’s Cacao is far and away the very best.

Feel the Benefits

Beyond the incredible flavor, why do we choose to share this particular magic? Because, Cacao is pure heart medicine, and a natural anti-depressant.

For some, a little goes a long way! So, it’s great to start small (about 1/4 oz or 1/2 oz) and gradually build the dose up (to 1 oz or even 2 oz)… In lighter doses, it is beneficial for everyone (even pregnant mommas-to-be!) and such a feel-good experience. Drink plenty of water to ensure the body is well-hydrated, and maximize your benefits!

Cacao is versatile. So far, we have integrated the Cacao into powerful yoga practices, shamanic drum journeys, ecstatic dance, heart-centered meditations, morning energy elixirs (better than coffee!), scrumptious superfood truffles, rejuvenating face masks…

And this is just the beginning. The potential is only limited by our creativity!


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