A B O U T   A L L I E

From the moment I was born I have been deeply connected with animals and attracted all kinds of waifs and strays into my life. As a child, I displayed highly intuitive qualities and had an obsession with crystals, minerals, fossils, and shells which looking back now I can see I have carried this obsession into the rest of my life. Before I even discovered essential oils and incense, I would collect flowers and herbs from the garden and make all manner of flower essence potions and often spoke of talking to the fairies in the garden, although it wasn’t just fairies I spoke to as a child!

My spiritual awakening from 2002 to 2005 was ugly, intense, and surreal and I had no idea what was happening, so I did what was expected of me as a child and resisted it, denied it and tried as hard as I could to shut it down and conform with the societal expectations. However, this was the period I found and resonated with Tarot, meditation, and yoga, even if I did have a fear of them and only turned to them intermittently until 2014.

The next level of my spiritual awakening, when I dived in head first, started in 2018 when I found plant medicine, Ayurveda, energy healing and channeling.

There was now only self acceptance and no turning back, I knew I was a witch, but the people in  my world were not even ready for the mad hippie!