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12 - 19 October 2019

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E M M A  &  H E I D I

S A T O R I (noun) Sudden enlightenment; a state of consciousness attained by intuitive illumination.


Heidi considers herself an explorer. She is a problem-solver by nature and loves finding simple effective solutions to any perceived obstacle. She believes our challenges are always opportunities to grow in strength, flexibility, awareness, and integrity.

She is passionate about yoga, nourishing food, getting lost in nature and continuously leaning into the edge of the unknown and even uncomfortable for personal and collective evolution. She believes we are all creators, and with our gifts and tools we can cultivate balance and encourage true freedom in ourselves and with each other.

Heidi and Emma came together with a plan and poured in love, focus and good intention to create Satori Journeys. Persistence and connection continue to nurture the growth of Satori Journeys, and with growth comes new insights, opportunities and joy…

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Emma is a big believer in being a support system, she has the ability to connect deeply with people with an open mind and help them move through or understand life’s challenges. She has natural empathic and intuitive skills which allow her work to reach deeper levels within the mind-body complex.

Emma is trained in BODYTALK, YOGA, PAST LIFE REGRESSION THERAPY & REIKI and her work takes her to many different areas physically and spiritually, she has been able to blend her therapies together depending on her clients needs and is able to work compassionately and without judgement.

She loves to explore
other cultures and traditions and pull together different tools and skills from each one. Together, Emma & Heidi have both explored plant medicines and how healing they can be, they have both learned many lessons from working with plants and now wish to share that knowledge with you.

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“To put into words my experience with Emma can be complicated because this woman has so much skill, knowledge and qualities that only the moment you meet her and try, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Magic, Spirituality, right understanding of needs, kindness and pure love are some, but there is more in that woman, for now i think this is more than enough, everyone will discover their own qualities. For me she was and still is the best guide I had to help me to move inside my inner self, she helped me to reach a place inside me, she grabbed my hand and helped me to reach and meet sides of myself that I have never met before, I felt the energy of pure love and kindness during my sessions with Emma. SHE IS PURE LOVE.

Emma will tell you that she’s just a channel, for me she’s the light and this is what the world and everyone else needs, Love and Light. A Journey with Emma is something you need if you want to know more about yourself, see far away from this normal world, travel in other levels of consciousness or unlock and heal parts of your spiritual and physical body. Emma is the guide you need, trust me and you’ll be thankful, not to me but to Emma and yourself, you’ll start to love yourself like you never did before in your life and you’ll fall in love with her like I did. She is incredibly powerful and shining, she has secret keys to open your soul. Start this Journey with Emma and you will start to make the changes you always wanted, and you’ll start to change the world. I will always be grateful for the help she gave me to begin my spiritual path.

Divine Light, Love and Peace be always with all of you.



“I have had the pleasure of developing my yoga practice privately with Heidi on a regular basis for over two years, during our sunrise sessions. Heidi is an amazing teacher – I have rarely come across anyone who intuitively relates to people the way that she does, which adds an incredible dimension to any yoga practice with her. I truly feel restored after a yoga practice with Heidi, and she seems to be able to tailor each session on an ad hoc basis, as we move through the practice, depending how I am feeling at the time. This is equally true whether we are practicing just the two of us, or perhaps with another participant. I would have no hesitation in recommending Heidi to anyone, in any area, but in particular for her talents as a yoga teacher.”

JanieGrand Cayman

“Working with Emma is an experience like no other. She has an incredible gift for making you feel safe even in your most vulnerable moments. Sometimes we enter a phase in our life where we realize it is time, time to deal with all we have locked inside and how it effects our day to day life. Finding someone to work with through this Journey is not always an easy task, however from the moment you meet Emma her energy tells you that you are ready, strong, safe and with someone who will guide you through the task of finding your deeper self.

Reiki and Bodytalk have helped me to work through my Journey of self hate and recovery from abuse. These are feelings that I did not think I would be able to face but with the gift of these sessions I have been able to completely change my life from the inside out. I would recommend these sessions to anyone who is looking to not only heal but just feel themselves on a deeper level. I look forward to continuing my Journey with Emma and experiencing all the amazing gifts she continually offers with such grace and gratitude. Her love and light are life changing”


“I was at a point in my life where I felt very lost. A time where I needed a change, a shift, anything, but did not know how to find that. Emma was recommended to me by a friend and I was very hesitant as this “world” was not something that I believed in. However, I was at a point where I would try anything.

From the moment I met Emma I told her these gifts were not something I believed in, I was very skeptical and very clear about it. It has now been two years and I still see Emma regularly. There are no words for a session with Emma other than MAGICAL, Just thinking of it I can smell the palo santo and sage swirling in the air and all of my inner senses awakening and opening one door to another. She continues to guide me through my continual Journey of discovery and rebirth”


“My sessions with Emma have been nothing short of incredible! I feel more relaxed and at peace than I do at any other time. Emma is a true healer and I always look forward to our next encounter. I have noticed significant improvement in my awareness and overall connection with spirit. I am extremely grateful to Emma for following her path of healing and enlightenment as she has so much to offer the rest of us!”

Thank you for last night it has let something go. It has given me more understanding, thanks for sharing.
I had some crazy dreams, messages last night that are already becoming paintings, poems, in my head at the moment.
There is a peace in my heart today that i haven’t felt before. Thank you for opening it up.
So i woke up this morning and wrote this from a dream. I know you will understand it.
I hope you like
Have a great day.
The offering
“Drink the water,
look and know thyself,” he says.
The weary indian looks at me
with distant eyes.
He is old.
Searching, searching for fire,
to thaw the winter in his heart.
For the memory,
Of who he was.
The ritual, the dance
The Fire

Danny G


My retreat experience with Satori Journeys to Peru was exceptional and I highly recommend joining a retreat with them. The location was stunning, food was delicious and the group of people on the retreat now feel like family.

Heidi and Emma skillfully guided us through every ceremony, therapy and yoga class. The retreat was designed with a lot of love and care but also with a flexibility to adapt to changes as needed.

I felt so rested and energized after the retreat and the positive effects of my experience have stayed with me and continue to unfold in wonderful ways in my life.

Thank you Satori Journeys!


The Peru retreat with Emma and Heidi was incredibly beautiful,  powerful and  life changing.  Both of these women are extremely intelligent, skillful in their arts  and exceptional healers.  Furthermore, they are  caring, loving, giving and talented individuals who were able to meet the diverse needs of each and every participant on the retreat.  Personally, I came broken, confused, and longing for more with my life. I left feeling that my soul has been restored, and excited to start my life again.  Every  day I was given tools and techniques to lift my spirit, improve my confidence and learn how to take care of myself. From the time I arrived to the time I left each moment was perfect.  This included top-notch yoga classes, engaging body talk and Ayurveda workshops, uplifting sound therapy, peaceful meditation, multiple types of cleansing, amazing massage , true Reiki, gorgeous vegetarian food, spiritual guides,  herbal medicine, wondrous adventures and more.  I wouldn’t change a thing.  I feel so blessed and will be forever grateful to have participated in this transformational experience.


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With Gratitude

Heidi & Emma